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Hi babes! It's been a while. I'm back today with an exciting post. I've teamed up with Harry's Shave Club to celebrate Father's Day. They are running an amazing campaign paying homage to the love of fathers around the world and inviting people to share memories and stories of time spent with their dads.

It's safe to say I am the textbook definition of a daddy's girl. From day one, I had his heart and he had mine. He  actually fainted when I was born because he wanted a girl so badly, but don't tell him I told you ;). My favorite memories include time spent with my dad, such as when he taught me how to ride a bike and swore he wouldn't let go, but did anyways as he knew I was strong enough to carry on on my own. I remember waking up every single day to go to grade school, with breakfast prepared by my dad, only to be picked up from school at days end by him, always full of energy and asking about my day. He's the best guy in my life and his love has shaped the woman I am today. Our likeness is uncanny and our bond is strong. I wish I could tell him every day how much he means to me. 

This Father's Day, my family is taking him out to brunch and I'll be gifting him this lovely Father's Day Set from Harry's Shave Club. It's so perfect, as he's always asking for more shaving accessories. He's a man who takes great care of his looks and I think he'll be really excited about this set. It includes a razor and stand, a foaming shave gel, a storage pack with refillable blades and a travel pack for your blade. The quality is unreal! I just love the sleek packaging and I'm really impressed by the razor.


I highly recommend checking out this brand for gift sets! I hope you all enjoy your day with your dad as I plan to. And if your dad has passed away or isn't in the picture, I wish you so much love on this holiday and hope you spend time with those who love you.