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QuayxDesi High Key
Quay Desi High Key Gold
Quay Desi High Key Black
Quay Desi High Key Gold

If you are a fan of makeup, you probably know who Desi Perkins is. Desi Perkins is an amazing makeup artist on YouTube who of course slays on Instagram as well. She has a huge following, probably because of how talented she is and because she is incredibly real and funny! Seriously, if you don't know who she is, check her out on YouTube and Instagram

Earlier this year she collaborated with Quay Australia, an Australian based sunglass company that has amazing shades! She designed three styles of sunglasses, one of them being these amazing oversized aviators called High Keys. Originally the High Keys were released in two colors, black and rose gold. The styles became so successful that Quay and Desi re-released them again in the summer. When they sold out a second time, Quay and Desi Perkins decided to drop them one last time. The High Keys finally released for the last time on September 28th on QuayAustralia.com, this time with an additional color! The new color is a gorgeous blue which is going to be perfect for summer!

I picked up all three shades partly because I'm a blogger and I wanted to review them for you all, but mostly because I have a problem and I couldn't decide on one pair (oops!). The High Keys are limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone, and since I had serious FOMO, I purchased all three colors. And man, I am so glad I did! These babies are stunning and I haven't put them down since I got them. Let's go through the pros and cons of the Quay High Keys:


  • Oversized aviators, which are perfect for my round face
  • Lightweight, although they feel high quality, the prongs haven't loosened or anything like that
  • Unique! I love how different the rose gold and blue shades are, they really stand out
  • The price! These retail for $60 and for a nice quality pair of sunglasses, that's a fair price. I understand this price may be steep to some but I think you definitely get what you pay for
  • These are super reflective which makes for a glam look!


  • Oversized shape may be a con for those with delicate faces
  • They come with a soft neoprene pouch, as opposed to a hard case so make sure you have a way to protect them!
  • Limited edition! :(
  • Price, depending on your budget 
  • Due to the reflective nature of these sunnies, you may need to clean them often to avoid smudging

Overall, I really love the Quay High Keys and I am super satisfied with my purchase. I think I'm getting the most use out of the black High Keys but come spring and summer, I'm sure I'll be living in the gold and blue. These should be popping up in stores soon, so definitely check them out before they sell out for good! Below is a list of retailers you can find the Quay x Desi High Keys:




Urban Outfitters