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Nyx HD Finishing Powder

I recently picked up two shades of the Nyx HD Finishing Powders: Transparent and Banana. Banana powders were all the rage in 2015 since they really brighten up the under eye area. My favorite high-end banana powders are from Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs. Since I am not a huge fan of loose powders I picked up these pressed powders hoping they would be good drugstore alternatives to other high-end options! 

These powders are very finely milled and incredibly smooth, though not intensely pigmented, which can be both good and bad. The lack of pigmentation is great in the translucent powder because it doesn't leave any kind of white cast or flashback, however the banana powder is not as brightening as others I have tried. It is a more pale yellow. Keep in mind yellow powders work best on tan skin. 

I have really enjoyed these powders. They don't crease under my eyes and the translucent shade is great for mattifying the skin and touching up throughout the day. I would highly recommend them as an alternative to high-end powders! These Nyx powders are only $10.00!

Hope you enjoyed, xx Sarah.



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