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My Highlighter Collection

Ahhh highlighters. Don't these pictures just make you happy inside? Highlighting is one of my favorite parts of the makeup application process, and I have an obsession but I know how ridiculous it seems, considering how similar they all look. Looking at highlighters online and sometimes even in person, they all seem the same! Because of this, I thought I'd talk about my highlighter collection and give a review of each product, as well as a comparison of Becca Champagne Pop & Opal so you can know exactly what you're getting when it comes to the above highlighters.

My highlighter collection in no particular order:

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - This is my all time favorite highlighter. I'd describe it as a very pale gold, and I love it because of all my highlighters it is the most intense. I mentioned in my my Top 10 Holy Grail Makeup Products post because it's honestly that good. A little goes a long way with this product, but when applied to the high points of the face, it gives a luminous, brightening effect. I love that, though this product seems quite pale, I feel that it could be used on many different skin tones. Desi Perkins (DesiMakeup on YouTube) is very tan and she lives by this highlighter!

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo #2 - This duo is a favorite of mine. While I love both the highlighter and bronzer, I will strictly be reviewing the highlight shade in this post. Of all my highlighters, this is probably the purest gold shade I own. I have a slight obsession with gold highlighters (I need to branch out...Riviera by ABH has caught my eye for this very reason), and with a tan this shade is just stunning. The formula on these MUFE duos is amazing because they are a gel-to-powder formula, resulting in an airbrushed, non-powdery finish on the skin. Love!

NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Jubilation - Though this is technically a blush, I use it only as a highlight/blush topper, considering it would be much too light to wear as a blush shade on my skin. The Dual-Intensity blushes are specifically made to be used both wet or dry, which is amazing! I've used this product both ways and love how it looks either way. This duo includes two highlighting shades, a pale gold, and a light peachy-pink. I prefer the gold shade to the pink, but I've also fallen in love with mixing them together. Truly stunning shades. Used wet, you will get a very intense, wet looking highlight, but dry is just as beautiful. Because of how densely packed this product is, application can be tricky and I find that I need to use a stiffer brush to get maximum color payoff. Check it out in my June Favorites of this year!

Becca Cosmetics Opal - In my book, Becca has the best formula for highlighters. The formula is extremely pigmented, and wonderfully buttery. Honestly, if you can try and dip your fingers in one at Sephora, you won't be disappointed with the pigmentation/consistency. With that being said, it can be tricky not to go overboard with this product. I feel that of all my highlighters I have to blend my Becca ones a bit more, but when I do, I'm always happy with the result. Opal is a very unique shade...it has a strong beige undertone and looks very pearly, as opposed to gold. It's beautiful! 

Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop - Another stunning shade by Becca is their collaboration shade with Jaclyn Hill, Champagne Pop. I love this one more than Opal! It's also very unique. Champagne Pop looks gold in the pan but has subtle pale, peach undertones and gives the most healthy glow. Jaclyn Hill stated that when creating this product she specifically wanted to make sure it looked great on many different skin tones, from snowy white skin to rich chocolatey dark skin. I raved about Champagne Pop in my August Beauty Favorites because it's all I've been using lately.

E.l.f. Studio Baked Blush in Pinktastic - This is another product that is technically a blush but I think works much better as a highlighter. This product is ahhmazing and so affordable ($3.00!), so if you're on a budget but still want your cheekbones to pop, I highly suggest it. I have to build it up slightly more than the other highlighters in my collection, but it is stunning once I do. I'd describe it as a champagne pink shade; I think this would look stunning on you pale skin girls!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle - This is such an old product, but it really is amazing. Soft & Gentle is your classic champagne highlighter that looks stunning on light-medium skin. I love this shade so much, but I'm not as in love with the formula as others in my collection. It's just not as buttery and if heavily applied, can sometimes look like it's sitting on the skin, rather then blending in naturally like some of my other highlighters do.

I hope this helped you decide what highlighter might be right for you! Let me know your favorite highlighter shades so I can pick it up! xx Sarah


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