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Review - Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes

Review - Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes

In January of this year, Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Morphe Brushes to create a palette of 28 of her favorite Morphe eyeshadows. To much of my dismay (and nobody's surprise but Jaclyn herself) the palette sold out within a few hours. Luckily, a few months later it became available again for a limited time. As this palette is limited edition and created by the Queen of Youtube herself, I had to get my hands on it.

At only $27.99 for all of these shadows, it was an amazing deal! I had never tried Morphe shadows before but I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. One of the great things about Jaclyn Hill is that after all these years, fans, and all this money, she has kept her integrity. I knew she wouldn't sell her followers on something, let alone CREATE something for them that she didn't 100% back and think was amazing and worth the money.

When the palette arrived, I was overjoyed to see all the warm shades and fun colors she'd incorporated. Full of gorgeous matte transition shades, warm oranges and bright pinks and purples, this palette screams Jaclyn Hill. There is a good mix of matte and satin shades, and nothing too glittery. 

The matte shades are buttery and blend like a dream. Each shadow is extremely pigmented and vibrant. The colors show up on the lid just as they appear in the pan. The palette is everything I could want it to be! It's very warm and versatile, right up my alley. The only thing lacking are a matte white/cream highlight shade and a matte black. But, these are shadows most everyone already owns in their collection, so they're not necessary. I commend Jaclyn for only choosing her favorite Morphe eyeshadows, so I understand why certain shades aren't included.

All in all, I'm in love with this palette and know I will be creating many looks with it! xx Sarah

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