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4 Ways to be Happy

4 Ways to be Happy

Stop Judging, Start Complimenting 

We are all born into one body, with one beautiful, unique mind and there is nothing we can do to change that. Don't beat yourself up so much! Would you ever say to a friend, the things you say to yourself? Start every day by giving yourself one compliment and spend your time praising your achievements and encouraging others to be their #flawless selves. It is a waste of time to pass judgement on yourself, and it is an even bigger waste of time to pass judgement on others. Live and let live, people. 

Appreciate What You Have

I know this is easier said than done. Sometimes you feel lost, frustrated and confused. And that's okay! You're only human and you're allowed to feel this way. But try next time to be thankful. When I have a crazy week and feel like I may never get through it, I just remind myself of all my blessings (and I count down until Friday!). I am thankful every single day for so many things. For my loving, supporting family, my encouraging, beautiful friends, for the fact that I have food to eat and access to such a quality education that I even have the luxury of being stressed from school! I am thankful for so much and I try my best to remember these things on days when I feel sad and unlucky. See a little positive in every situation, if you can, and your world will flip upside down.

Make Time for Yourself

We live in a busy world. No matter what we do, we will always have responsibilities and things to worry about. When you find yourself getting caught up with the hurricane of this world, take a step back and spend time with yourself. Read a book, listen to your favorite song and do a little dance, do your makeup or take a nap! Whatever it may be, find something that makes you unconditionally happy (if even for a little while) and do it. You'll feel 5 thousand times better afterward.


Smile as often as you can. Smile when you are happy; smile when you are bored. I know it sounds stupid, but a simple smile can change your mood in an instant. Be happy, spread positivity and others will feel it too.

xx Sarah

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