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Morphe 35O Palette Swatches

Ah, the coveted 35O palette by Morphe Brushes. It has been consistently in and out of stock for a while now, and consistently raved about by YouTubers and bloggers alike. When it was restocked on September 30th, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to purchase the palette. I am so glad I did! I swear, every time it is back in stock, it sells out by the end of the day, so I am thankful that I got my hands on it the last round. 

This palette retails for $22.99 on www.morphebrushes.com, which is a steal considering it contains 35 eyeshadows, meaning they cost you less than a dollar each! The 35O palette is the ideal palette for warm shadow lovers. If you are a fan of deep bronzes, rich oranges and chocolatey browns, this is the perfect palette for you. However, if you tend to gravitate towards greys, taupes and more cool-toned shades, you probably won't love this unless you are trying to get out of your comfort zone. 

I personally love warm-toned shadows and the 35O palette is honestly my dream palette! At first glance, it looks like it contains a bunch of very similar browns and oranges, but after swatching and playing with the palette a bit, I think it is actually extremely versatile. 

You can see swatches above and the shadows marked with a heart are ones that particularly impressed me, whether it be the color or formula. Some shadows definitely felt smoother than others. A few matte shades were dry, and the bottom left brown was especially dry, but the majority of the formulas really impressed me. The third row is by far my favorite, though I have to point out the second shadow from the left in the second row. It's a beautiful duo-chrome shade that looks yellow-gold in some light, and pink in others.  

Hope you can get your hands on the Morphe 35O palette! xx Sarah

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